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SEMA 2016: 2016 Jeep Wrangler Sahara Unlimited Name Change

A while back, we named our build Project Azul (Link).  The original thoughts were to find a name that would be more of a Blue Archangel.  Thinking I could make Azul work, it usually took some explaining on the name.  Most people just saw Azul = Blue and moved on.  After some conversations, some people felt that Azul was kind of plain or basic.  So after much thought, the name has been changed to Azrael, also known as the Angel of Death.  " Archangel Azrael's primary angelic responsibility is to assist those who are making the transition from physical life to spirit life.  Azrael ensures that the transition process is painless and effortless as well as offers safe passage to those who are transitioning, lovingly guiding them to their heavenly home." (All Thing Healing.)  The Hebrew name translates to "One Whom God Helps." - Wikipedia

Although Azrael's typically associated with the color purple, more specifically Amethyst, he's also listed as a Blue Blood Angel or Sangre Azul.  (Sangre Azul listing)  That just solidified my quest in finding the right name.  Azrael is tough.  Not a bringer of death but a comforter in dark times, which jeep owners know, driving a jeep can bring a sense of happiness. :D  After much more thought, the name Azrael seemed to just fit.
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SEMA 2015: 2015 Ford F150 - Brutus > Atlas Suspension and Icon Vehicle Dynamics

To ensure the proper driveability, we partnered with Icon Vehicle Dynamics and Atlas Suspension to finalize the suspension setup.  Outfitted up front is the IVD coilovers with reservoir shocks.  In the rear are the IVD 2.0 reservoir shocks.  So gorgeous.

Finishing up the support for the rear is the Atlas Suspension leaf pack.  These things are STOUT. Just viewing them suspended without a load was impressive.  After completing the suspension, we couldn't wait to get the truck on the ground.

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SEMA 2015: 2015 Ford F150 - Brutus > Bulletproof Suspension

As with all builds, you got to go big.  We discussed within the shop whether we would do a 6.5" or jump up to the 10-12" lift that Bulletproof offered.  It was unanimous to go big or go home.  We put in the phone call to Bulletproof Suspension, and it was on.  We really wanted to accent the suspension to highlight the products that were offered by Bulletproof, so we decided on a red powdercoat.  After its arrival, the red just didn't match.  At no fault to Bulletproof, we just weren't specific as to which red to powder coat.  Turns out this red had an orange hue, and with so many shades, we decided it would be best to redo the powder.  We went back and forth on if we should go red or choose a completely different color.  It was decided that a red suspension would be an overwhelming amount of red and to keep the red as an accent color rather than a main color.

So it went back up to vote on a color.  I typically have a standard.  No more than 3 colors on a vehicle.  I believe that any color after 3 is just mucking it up.  So after hours and hours of browsing, we decided on a somewhat neutral gray.  However, it has some speckles of pearl in it to give it a bit more shine.  This still gave us the goal of highlighting the lift and yet not overwhelming the build with red.

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SEMA 2015: 2015 Ford F150 - Brutus > Headlight Switchbacks

Just in time for the build, Diode Dynamics announced the release of its switchbacks for the new F150.  Boy were we excited.  As a dealer for Diode Dynamics, we stay updated on its most recent products.  Their mustang switchbacks are just stunning, and when this announcement was made, we had to have them.

We love everything about these.  The lighting is perfect and is one of the first features pointed out when seen at night.

Usually we do our own headlight builds.  However, with the time frame this year, we found it best to sublet the work to another company.  We were referred over to Retroshop LLC, and after a few moments of talking with Jeremy, we gave it the green light.  The correspondence, updates, and shipping process was flawless and top notch.  Everything you'd want from a company that you're sending a product to for modifications.  We received the headlights and couldn't be happier with the results.


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SEMA 2015: 2015 Ford F150 - Brutus > Buffing Aluminum

2015 Ford F150 - Buffing Aluminum

After a job like this with multiple layers of paint, we needed to make sure the paint was smooth.  We didn't want you to notice all the lines and layers that were put into it.  Of course, that's what a quality build is about, making it look factory.  We didn't keep track of the hours, but let's just say that there was a lot of careful time in wet sanding the clear coat smooth.  

There area  few things we learned during this process.  It takes a LONG time to buff aluminum.  See, what happens when you buff is that the clear coat heats up, thus basically levelling itself.  However, not only does the clear warm up, but also the metal beneath.  The issue we had here was that it took a lot longer for aluminum to warm up.  So we had to be very careful to continue to warm the aluminum but not so much that we overheat the clear and burn through it.  This was a long and slow process. The end result was stunning but required many unexpected hours to achieve the perfection this build demanded.

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SEMA 2015: 2015 Ford F150 - Brutus > Paint Part 3 - Warrior Stripe Final

The final layer before clear coat is Candy Apple Red.  Over the Kosmic Krome, this layer really stands out.  In the shade, it's not noticed.  But in the sun, it's like a slap in the face, and we love it.  It took several tries and spray outs to find the right one.  We even tried the Raspberry and it just didn't have the stand out qualities that we wanted.

After we decided on the color and the proper layers to get the hue we wanted, it was time to get down to business.  The Krome and the gears have been laid.  It was time to rock the red, and layer up the clear.  


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SEMA 2015: 2015 Ford F150 - Brutus > Paint Part 3 - Warrior Stripe

2015 F150 SEMA Build - Warrior Stripe

The Warrior Stripe.  The build's name stays true and true throughout the build.  Every part of the build in some way ties with itself in some form.  As we discuss the build, we will often reference back to other components.

The first to go down is House of Kolor Kosmic Krome.  When the sun hit, we really wanted this stripe to pop.  Next up are the gears.  These were sprayed with Charcoal Candy using an airbrush and stencil.

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